This site will be used to present my book "Does Love Come?" to the public.

The Novel – “Does Love Come” is a journey from a man’s perspective as to how relationships evolve.  It deals with the pitfalls that most men face in coming to grips with this thing called “intimacy”, and especially with the changes that are mandated of us throughout the life of a relationship in order to grow with our partner.  It seeks to present the inner thoughts of a man as he moves along life’s path towards finding a soul mate and does this through the novel itself (a story of many relationships - but mostly many mistakes), though inner thoughts/voices or musings that reflect what the author is thinking about a particular point in time, and last through poetry as a means to put the novel and inner thoughts into a different perspective.

The novel is based on real life experiences put into a better perspective later in life when the author could look at the relationships with a more objective eye, one unclouded by the loss of the relationship, or the pains suffered through that loss, or in truth mostly when the author could be honest enough with himself to evaluate each relationship to help him understand why it failed, and ultimately what the author must do to find his soul mate.

Men are funny characters, we find it hard to admit our own mistakes in life, we take a hard stance with almost every aspect of life, we place every component of life in a box where it stays for life, and rarely do we find the need for personal one-on-one evaluations of self, as frankly we do not feel that they are ever needed.  We stay in ruts for a lifetime never feeling the need to break free from these limiters that restrict our ability to find this wonderful “thing” called intimacy.  To be honest, men as a whole fear intimacy because it forces us to be softer then we would like to portray ourselves, and it makes us vulnerable to emotional pain (which men as a whole are deathly afraid of).

It was not the intent of this author to publish a book that deals with the psychological implications of relationships, but solely with the views of a man who struggles with himself in his pursuit of love, but mostly in his pursuit of finding himself.

I have added a section called "Issues".
This section is dedicated to an individual who has the courage to address the issue of Child Abuse. 
Vinka Jackson. Author of the book "Aqua Fresca En Los Espejos" (Abuso sexual infantil y resiliencia). 

Lawrence T. Jackson

Does Love Come Cover Painting
This is a painting by Francisco Otta from his collection, and is titled "Santiago Azul"

Francisco Otta - Santiago, Chile

Chiloe Island - "Palafitos de Chiloe"