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Lawrence T. Jackson


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recent Life Changes

Isn't it strange how often significant changes come about?

One day you are in love and happily married, the next you are alone and wondering what went wrong.

I guess though that "Life is a series of adjustments to the unexpected", as my 'famous' quote goes.

Remember, one step at a time...



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Chapter 1 - Does Love Come?


Reminiscing (Late at night)


Following a phone call out of the blue from a long lost love. In fact, the first love of his life, and a love that he still thinks about more often that he should. In fact, more often than what a psychiatrist would deem to be healthy.


The phone call wasn’t long, just thirty minutes or so, but it opened the door (wide open) for future conversations, and future hope for recovery of a life lost long ago.


Still shaken from the phone call, he sits in his favorite “thinking” chair, music is softly playing in the background, and a glass of wine is in his hand. A hand that is still shaking from the phone call, which is of course one of the reasons for the glass of wine, to calm the nerves and the heart, and of the thoughts that have been racing through his soul since he received the phone call. Thoughts that keep telling him that maybe it wasn’t the right time twenty-five years ago, but maybe now is the time.


He silently addresses her as if she was in front of him. (And both are true, as he has never allowed her to leave his heart or his mind completely through the years).


Has it been so many years ago! God, it seems like only yesterday when I first saw you. You were dressed in all yellow, and what a contrast that made to your red hair. I couldn’t understand why your mother would dress you that way. But you looked great anyway.


I imagine you still do. 


I wonder if it matters how you look now, probably not, it didn’t then, and I can’t see that it would now.


I loved you for what you were on the inside. Well, not initially perhaps, but later, much later, after I got to know you. Initially I could not stop staring at you. Red hair, soft smooth lightly sun-tanned skin, freckles all over, absolutely adorable.

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