Does Love Come?

only when we are young

or can it come

at anytime in life -

when we perhaps

are no longer

in full bloom

and full of life

and expectations

And if it comes

later in life

does it come with a price

Perhaps it's not as exciting

But perhaps it comes

with more “wonderment”

then the younger years

ever knew existed

and perhaps

if we wait long enough

and try hard enough

it will come -

when we least expect it


Why is it that life presents its twists and turns just when you think it could never get any better, when you thought that finally it (life) was going to work out, why does it always happen?


I wonder if it is fates way of testing us?


Perhaps it is mandatory that we be tested to insure that we have the desire, the heart and the stomach for the relationship we are in.


I guess if it were too easy, we wouldn’t place any value on the relationship, and would end up taking it for granted.  It seems we do this all too often anyhow.


Twists and turns hurt, but I guess they are a necessary part of what makes us what we are and what makes relationships as interesting as they are.

Are all first loves this same way? Too intense, too loving, too sexual, too difficult, too painful, too all consuming, too hard to let go of, even when they are long behind you?  First loves, difficult times, beautiful memories, even when they are sometimes painful.  Maybe they should be called instead first emotions (and potentially of the negative kind).


I wonder if there are training classes you could take to be prepared for these first loves? It might reduce our mistakes and make either the first love or the ones that follow less painful.


But in truth I think that we have to realize that in love you sometimes have to suffer in order to be prepared for finding true love (Soul-Mates).


Suffer and Learn.



That's what

love feels like

that slow


of body parts

gently caressing

slowly becoming one

and then

once time becomes

time again

that feeling of love

that pervades


is all that is left

as a reminder


That's what

love feels like


that is what

you and I

feel like

in love