“As an atypical female, I don't like mushy/lament about feelings/analyze relationships kind of books.  I do like some romance and to use your word, intimacy, which you have shared and presented in your writing.  So I was concerned when you said you'd categorize this as a self-help book - as I'm not big on those types of books.  Too bad there's not a category of "life experiences and learned lessons along the way" because you have a much broader audience here. I found your style intermixing expression of very personal emotions, staccato/sometimes removed action descriptions, poems and posing questions to be very captivating....”

Pamela A. Lee – Los Anglés, California

“Your endings surprised me. But to be honest, I liked them very much. The novel was very realistic and emotional and truly gave me a sense of the path you took to find your soul mate.

Janice Bulla – Tampa, Florida

“…I found the male voice of the narrator truly refreshing. Emotions were shared by him that I found very interesting. Quite frankly I have never read a book with such a sincere, unblinking view on how men feel. I believe this voice coupled with the original love story would be a fantastic and compelling read.”

Christine Pota – Red Bank, New Jersey





Love came quietly

on a spring morning

and as softly as a breeze

blowing fresh new emotions

into my life

Love came bursting forth

on the shadows of many yesterdays

blossoming into reality

with acceptance

Love came to stay

This photograph was taken on Chiloe Island, which is off the coast of Chile.