Love is sort of like doing laundry.
Some days the stains come out perfectly, others it remains for all to see.
In either case, love is an exercise that takes effort.

'Doing the Laundry' - Ancud, Chiloe Island, Chile


Love is difficult.

Relationships are difficult.

Something as simple as touching feet can sometimes express a magnitude of emotions.

But I believe that if you try to find common ground to settle on, even at the end of the day and even when the day has been rough, that it will allow you to continue to put your love (and relationship) in proper perspective.

Try it.



I know that we still love

                        Each other


It’s difficult sometimes

To tell if it is

                        Love or hate

What with trying to pay the bills

Taking out the trash

Doing the laundry

Cleaning up the house

And all of the other

Assorted tasks

And difficulties

That breaks marriages apart


If they are not meant

To survive


But when we go to bed

at night

Usually me first

Usually you second

no matter how bad

the day has been

no matter how upset

we are with each other

and with life

we still touch feet



I touched you


on the hand

a casual touch


it wasn’t supposed

to happen

the way it happened

but I’m glad it did


I almost didn’t know

if you’d noticed

if you’d felt the soft caress

of my hand

on yours

I almost didn’t know

if you even cared

that we had touched

I almost didn’t know

until a moment later

when you placed your hand

on mine


and with your smile

and with your touch

I knew you noticed

and I knew that through

this touch

that you and I made a promise

to care

for always